Meet Dr. Shane

All his life, Shane has loved moving his body and excelled at it.  Growing up he played competitive soccer, was a high school star pitcher (SouthPaw!) and quarterback.  In his adult years, he's taken up rock climbing, road cycling, mountain biking, skiing, swimming, surfing, golf, triathlon, tennis, and running, not to mention weekly soccer games with a local adult league.  

This love for the human body and movement led Shane to chiropractic school.  He graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College West in 2000 and has been in practice ever since.  He's performed over 70,000 adjustments and takes great pride in helping his patients get out of pain and stay out of pain.

His driving passion for chiropractic and athletic performance is rooted in the idea that our body is the vehicle in which we live our life. Taking care of our physical body is required in order to fully live the life we choose. 

When Shane is taking a break from his busy schedule of playing outside, he loves to spend time with his family.  He and his wife, Alicia, homeschool their three children (ages 16, 11, and 9); this leaves lots of time for afternoon adventures: hikes, sports, and exploring the beauty all around. 


"There is no better feeling than being 100% present, moving my body, in an almost mindless state of motion, towards a desired outcome.  Whether it's golf,  running, gardening or whatever. We are physical beings, meant to be moving."

At the beach

Pismo Beach, CA

Forcing one more smile on family picture day ;)

Cupertino, CA

Getting pushed off a cliff by my daughter

Lake Tahoe, CA


Climbing Mt. Timpanogas w/ my oldest 

Provo, UT

Epic bike ride

 Marin County, CA

My hole-in-one at The Preserve

Carmel, CA

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