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Traditional, hands-on full spine and extremity adjustments. Dr. Shane's adjustments are gentle, yet effective, providing instant relief.


We adjust children, athletes, young and older adults.

The result is a spine and joints that move better, increasing flexibility and improving overall health by having a free, functioning nervous system.

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Life Performance

A 2 month series of guided workouts, focused on strengthening the feet and core.  Special attention is placed on the strength, flexibility and nervous system control.

The result is significant reduction in injuries as well as a massive improvement in the ability to not only perform life's chores, but also the outdoor activities that we all enjoy doing.

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Sports Performance

3+ month series of training and sport specific coaching. Includes a 35-point physical evaluation, health consultation, video analysis of you doing your sport, involvement of any coaches, etc.

The results will be reduced injuries, improved performance, faster times, more wins or otherwise performing at a higher level.