Do life with a better functioning body.

From the beginning of time, up until only 100+ years ago, most people spent most of their time standing, doing manual labor of one form or another.


For better, but a little for worse, most people now spend most of their time sitting. Most jobs and most of a student's time is spent sitting. Even for the "active" among us, that usually means they work out a few times a week, while the rest of even their time, is spent sitting.

We now need to "take care of our bodies." 

While there are many good ways to do this. I believe that most people are neglecting some key aspects of their body.  At Alpine Chiropractic, we attempt to provide solutions to help 1) prevent injuries and chronic pain, 2) to improve function. This includes our regular chores as well as our activities that brings joy.

Sport Science Lab

Even though the main clientele at these gyms are elite, high performing athletes, the principles apply to anyone. Here at Alpine Chiropractic, we teach and help our clients, of any age or level of activity, including those looking to become more active.

Sport Science Lab is the secret sauce that sets Alpine Chiropractic apart from others.  The owner of Alpine Chiropractic trained at this gym, works with the owner of the gym and is bringing it to Boulder. Concepts such as agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, reaction time, speed, strength, and endurance apply to athletes, as well as to carrying a bag of groceries on a snowy sidewalk, gardening, hiking, fixing a fence, etc.

The principles of Sport Science Lab explained.

In Our Office

Someday, we plan to have a full-on gym and training center. For now, we focus primarily on the feet and the core region in our relatively small chiropractic office. It works great and allows us to serve our clients well.


The Life Performance program is 2 months (8 weeks). It is 2-3x per week, 45 minutes sessions, either private or with one other client. Our staff will teach you the specific exercises, teach you the principles and observe and correct you doing them. The idea is that after 8 weeks, your feet and core are solid, strong, flexible and your function is significantly greater. You can continue doing this training at home, with a few simple pieces of inexpensive equipment.


This specialized training will create almost instant improvement.  You will walk and hike with more stability, more coordination. You will avoid injury, moving smoother and be able to do more activities.  

During the time you are doing this training in our office, you may receive chiropractic adjustments at the discounted rate.  

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Gavin, the founder of Sport Science Lab, explains the footwork exercises.

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