Train the way the pros train!

As an athlete myself, I've seen some great benefits through chiropractic care (Yes, I get adjusted regularly!).  But I notice that when I consistently train using the principles and exercises I learned while training in Southern CA at Sport Science Lab (SSL), I FEEL different and my performance improves drastically.  I play golf better, play soccer better, swim better, feel more coordinated when I'm mountain biking...I could go on!


Sport Science Lab (what we call Sports Performance) is simply the best. I personally invite you to come and check it out for yourself.

-Dr. Shane


The principles and exercises taught are based on science. Much of what is done in the name of athletic training today simply doesn't work. Lifting heavy weights simply doesn't improve athletic performance. Injuries are common, especially among high school and college athletes. Much of this is due to the over-emphasis on muscles, while neglecting other key factors, such as agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, power, reaction time, speed, strength, and endurance.

Sport Science Lab is the secret sauce that sets Alpine Chiropractic apart from others.  Because of tradition, most athletes are not doing what we promote. Yet we get outstanding results, as have the many professional and other athletes who train at the Sport Science Lab's around the world. The results are proven, if you're willing to put in the work. 

The principles of Sport Science Lab explained.


The "Sports Performance"  program is 3+ months (case by case). It is 2-3x per week, 45 minutes sessions, either private or with one other client. Additional video sessions, and eventually time on the court, field or pool is included.


It begins with a 2 hour evaluation, including strength, flexibility, health history and video analysis of you doing your specific sport. We also talk about your goals, ambitions and your competition schedule. We will then put a plan together and get started. Often, your personal coaches are put in the loop so they can support your progress.


In addition to the focus on strengthening your feet and core, we focus on flexibility and your brain's ability to control these two areas of your body. After all, your feet are the only things touching the ground. All movement begins with our feet, yet most people give them almost no attention. Once the foundation is more solid, we get into sport specific activities. We also continue to evaluate video of you doing your sport. 

This specialized training will create almost instant improvement.  Injuries will be significantly reduced. You will gain a definite advantage over your competition. 

Looking to get a scholarship? Looking to stand on the podium, get a top 10 or just reach your own personal potential, we can help. Athletics is a great thing. Using our body to do specific activities is massively rewarding. So why not do what gets the best results.

During the time you are doing this training in our office, you may receive chiropractic adjustments at no additional charge.  


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